Please allow me to offer a testament to the integrity of both the sales staff and the product itself. When I first heard of the Wind Stopper Jacket and the lightweight Patrol Shell, I took the sales pitch with a grain of salt. The web page has the rotating title that includes the same sales pitch, Put it on and keep it on. I've never been a jacket kind of officer. In fact, I was typically the guy standing in the cold wishing I had a jacket on. I hated wearing the bulky patrol jackets that were issued. I received my Wind Stopper and Patrol Shell and immediately saw a jacket much like the ones I wear when off duty. It was comfortable and thin enough to put on and leave it on just as the sales pitch says. However, in my head I thought I'll never wear it while patrolling. I was wrong. I can typically be seen wearing the jacket as the weather begins to turn colder. Just the other day I had the opportunity to understand the full benefit of the Forum jackets and their comfort. I was asked to assist in what was supposed to be a short traffic detail. It was evening and right on the edge of our jurisdictional boundaries. There was another officer working the far end of the detail. And what was supposed to be fifteen minutes turned into an hour and a half of directing traffic. I already had my Wind Stopper on as it was in the low 50s Not cold but cool. I exited my vehicle and put my traffic vest over the jacket and began to work the detail. After we were a few minutes into the detail I noticed the other officer rubbing his arms, and blowing into his hands. I could see he was getting cold as the sun continued to set. As it got colder I was comfortable and could see he was visibly uncomfortable. The traffic was heavy and there simply was not a break long enough for him to go to his vehicle and remove the traffic vest, put on his bulky jacket, and then put the traffic vest back on. Eventually the detail ended and the first thing he did was jump into his car and crank up the heat. We spoke after the event and I showed him what we issue our staff. He was impressed and admitted he wished he had one to wear. I am comfortable when I put it on and because of that I remain comfortable as the situation changes. Currently our department issues both the Wind Stopper and the Lightweight Patrol Shell to all of our officers. They look professional but most importantly it allows them to focus on the situation and not worry about how cold they are. I believe it increases officer safety and is a great product. Thanks!

AJ Panebianco,

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