Evaluation of the Windstopper and Goretex Jacket system Lined Windstopper jacket My feedback on the Windstopper jacket is overwhelmingly positive. The jacket is very comfortable and very warm for its thickness. The combination of the windbreaker and our patrol sweaters is comfortable down to very cold temperatures. The most positive aspect to the windbreaker is wearing it over the short sleeved uniform shirt on days that are cold in the mornings and warm in the afternoon. With the jacket being considerably less bulky that the current issue coat it is easier to access your equipment belt and enter/exit your vehicle. I believe that this jacket would be a more desirable uniform option for most of the divisions in the Sheriff's Office. My main concern about the jacket is in instances where a Deputy would be spending a considerable amount of time outside in extremely cold temperatures. While I don't believe this jacket should completely replace a heavy coat, I do believe that our Deputies would utilize the jacket much more than they would their heavy coat. The jacket should be sufficient by itself for most divisions excluding Patrol or any other Deputy that may be required to be outside in extremely cold temperatures for long periods of time, Ideally on a patrol level I think the jacket would be a good addition to the heavy coat but not a replacement. Goretex Rain Jacket I do prefer the light rain jacket over the current issue rain jacket. The jacket is short enough to access your duty belt and easier to get in and out of your vehicle. The current issue rain jacket is usually only deployed in heavy rain where as the short jacket would be used much more often. This jacket can also be worn more as a garment than the current jacket. The current issue jacket is usually taken on and off when entering or exiting a vehicle where as the Goretex jacket can be worn inside your vehicle. The Goretex jacket is very useful in protecting our patrol sweaters in light rain due to the fact that the sweaters tend to wick moisture. The only negative aspect to the shorter jacket is that it does not provide protection for your legs. Other Deputies have worn the jacket and told me that if they had a choice they would prefer the shorter jacket. Both jackets also work well as a two part system.

The evaluation was done by: Corporal Shawn Shelby Environmental Crimes/Animal Welfare Unit Patrol Division Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.

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