South Carolina FBINAA Winter Training

Lexington, North Carolina, Dec. 27, 2012 - After joining the FBINAA chapter in North Carolina for their winter training session, we were happy to see the folks at the South Carolina NA in their December meeting at the Wingate Hotel in Lexington. This gathering was hosted by Sheriff James Metts of the Lexington Sheriff's Office. We were invited to speak to all the attendees during the evening meal where we presented both FORUM's Gore-Tex® Lightweight Patrol Shell and Windstopper® Patrol Soft Shell, along with the concept of layering, comfort, and efficiency. Everyone enjoyed excellent dining thanks to a delicious spread cooked by folks from the Agency!
After the meal we visited with friends and discussed the needs of many of the SC agencies. There was a lot of interest in our new line, and wear tests and meetings have followed many of the discussions that began there.
However, the biggest star of our evening was the homemade sweet potato pie provided by our hosts; it was absolutely amazing.

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